Body Glitter – Guess where else it goes?

I’m not a high-maintenance girl. Never have been. I love playing dress up and getting fancy once in a while, but the daily routine is BEYOND boring to me by the second day. The one exception I used to make was pedicures. I have some pretty janked-up feet and I love getting them prettied up. But even after I had my son I let that go. Other things to do, you know?

Well, recently, I enrolled in a program with Les Cheveux to get my braider’s license so I’m around 4 or 5 other cosmetology students all over varying levels of their program for 2 days a week. They all want to practice something and who am I to deny them the opportunity? So I’ve had all my hair cut off (I was growing it to donate it) and I’ve volunteered my fingernails more than a few times for manicures.

One of the girls watched some video where they used glitter in the manicure and I thought, “Hey . . . we sell body glitter, wonder if I can pop off the roller cap?” Guess what? I could. So she bought a bottle and the whole class rocked out glitter manicures for a couple weeks. With 12 different colors of glitter, the opportunities are darn near endless!

Want to learn how to do it? Come see me – I’ll give you the run-down. And then you can visit the school and ask for a student to practice on you (they need the practice and if you’re willing to let them, they give you a break on the cost of the service). If you do come in, ask for Heather. She’s the gal that did mine.