Artist Interview: Jamie of Johnny Cornbread

There was a summer early on in high school that I decided I wanted to learn how to sew. And I did. I threw myself into it for years making, or at the minimum adjusting, my entire wardrobe. I even made formal dresses for a few gals for prom. Through the years I met many women that shared my love of the sewing machine. It wasn’t until recently that I met a dude that had enough passion to rock the machine without fear. And rock it he does – making some of the most AMAZING headbands and clothing items. I bought one of the headbands as soon as I saw them. Read our interview with Johnny Cornbread below and then come check out his goodies – he’s got this one patchwork jacket with a dead bolt on the back that is just absolutely stellar.


Business Name: Johnny Cornbread

Facebook Page:


Art Medium:Fabrics

 ALBH: How did you get into sewing like you do?

JC: I began my love of fabrics long ago

ALBH: Did you find that sewing was hard to learn?

JC: Kinda, I taught myself so it was a lot of trial and error

ALBH: What materials do you use?

JC: I love organic natural fabrics, ocassionally I use synthetics for embellishments

ALBH: How long have you been at this and what would you say your long term goal is?

JC: 4 years. And to support my family successfully and love doing it.

ALBH: What does the word “Hippie” mean to you?

JC: Free spirited, earth loving, and kind to others

ALBH: What’s your favorite part of your craft?

JC: I enjoy all of it even when its frustrating

ALBH: What is your typical day like?

JC: Sew, sew, sew, though there are days I get completely frazzled and I have to stepcaway from it all

ALBH: What do you do for fun, outside of your art?

JC: Family is everything, making happy wonderful memories

ALBH: Why do you think your art is a good fit for A Little Bit Hippy?

JC: I feel that since I’m a hippy at heart and always have been, what better place for my art.  Also alot of my art is dreadlock oriented and so is A Little Bit Hippy.

Super Stones for the Shift with The Crystal Crone

Local Artist + Local Wood = Beautiful Furniture

We’ve had some pieces in the shop for quite some time now that are made by a local wood-worker who uses all locally sourced materials. His name is Galen Reed and he’s been working on his craft for over 40 years, since the age of 17. He’s a carpenter by trade but has only been making furniture for a handful of years. He began by making pieces mostly to fill family’s needs and his mother still uses his very first piece – a dry sink that lovingly put together piece by piece.
We’ve got a coat rack in the shop which is beautifully made of Floyd Cherry and rustic hardware. We have a few pictures of this piece. The rest you’ll have to come and see in person.

Another one of his items is my personal favorite and is called a Settle Table. The designs of these tables date back hundreds of years and I think they’re ingenious! Especially for small spaces – you have a chair, a table AND storage, all in one unit! The table we have in the shop is made from Yellow Pine.

And for the gals out there that are fans of American Girl brand dolls – Galen has even made a Settle Table just for you! Made of Birch and scaled down to work with the dolls, it’s the perfect addition as either a display for your favorite doll to sit on, or be used as a table during tea time! And the storage is just perfect for a few accessories that you don’t want to lose.

Psychic Workshop with Tracey Lockwood

Artist Interview: Tina Bailey

Name: Tina “Crafty” Bailey

Age Group: Cherry Blossom

Business Name: Mystical Magickal Dreamer

Art Medium: Everything

ALBH: How did you get into your specific art?

TB: My Grandmother started me crocheting lace at age 5 to go on the hand stitched embroidery we had already done.

ALBH: How long have you been at crafting?  

TB: For over 50 Years.

ALBH: What’s your long-term goal as an artist?

TB: To share the knowledge with others that wish to learn.

ALBH: What does the word “Hippie” mean to you?

TB: Someone more in tune with nature. Believes more in the old ways.  Sharing the knowledge we have with others who truly wish to learn and carry on after.

ALBH: How long does a typical piece take you to make?

TB: That depends on what it is.  If I’m crocheting a shawl, depending how detailed, it could take just 8hours.

ALBH: What is your typical day like?

TB: Well,  I work a full time plus overtime regular job, so during the mind numbing that goes on, I dream of traveling around different places collecting different things to make with and showing them to others and inspiring them to learn or buy.

ALBH: Why do you think your art is a good fit for A Little Bit Hippy?  

TB: Because, I am just a Little Bit Hippy.  And it’s what I would look for in this kind of store.






Geek Mob!

Come on out and join us as we offer a super hero blend of tie-dye batches at this year’s Geek Mob for International Read Comics in Public Day! All the details for the event can be found by visiting here! Just remember to bring a white item to dye.

Tie-Dye Book Covers

School should be fun and you can be PROUD to show off the books you learn from. Especially if they have tie-dye book covers! Join us and create one yourself – we’ll have the full spectrum of colors available and cost for this class is just $10. We have a limited supply of the book covers, so make sure you reserve yours ASAP!

Henna by Billie

Come on in and get some henna! Free-hand designs start at just $10.


Details on the event will be coming soon. We went last year and had a blast – the park (Boxerwood) is absolutely stunning as well!!

Artist Interview: Susan of Beaded Soul Wear

Everyone that’s ever picked up a ball of hemp and played with it a bit has started the journey into the wonderful world of hemp-tying. And anyone that’s ever strung a few beads onto a string has probably realized how addicting beading can become. But it’s the folks that stick with it and have an eye for color combinations that end up with the largest audience and a true admiration of their work. In my opinion, Susan is one of the lucky few. First – there’s her hemp knots – all very symmetrical and well tied. Then there’s her beading . . . you don’t usually find hemp work with this much effort into the beads that adorn it. That’s what makes her unique – she’s the perfect marriage between hemp tiers and beaders. Her color combinations are pretty rad too – you could very well find a piece in her collection for everyone. Without further ado – please meet Susan of Beaded Soul Wear:

Name: Susan Ormsbee, Cherry Blossom

Company: Beaded Soul Wear


Medium: Hemp Jewelry


ALBH: How did you get into tying hemp and stick with it?

SO: Well, I always wanted a hemp necklace but I didn’t know anyone (at the time) who made them. Since I was out of work at the time I just got online and taught myself.

ALBH: Did you find it hard to learn? There are A LOT of different knots to master.

SO: I caught on really quick. I just had to learn where to find supplies.

ALBH: What materials do you use most?

SO: Tan, brown, black and white hemp and pendants of all types. And of course beads, beads, beads!

ALBH: How long have you been at tying?

SO: Going on a year and half right now. I just started doing this as a business.

ALBH: As a buyer, how would I care for one of your pieces?

SO: Wear them often! The hemp with soften up. I just don’t advise wearing them 24/7 or in the shower because it weakens the hemp and they will break.

ALBH: Do you make a variety of items or do you specialize in the necklaces?

SO: I do make mostly necklaces but also make anklets, bracelets, and keychains. I’ve just now begun making barefoot sandals as well.

ALBH: What’s your long-term goal as an artist?

SO: I’d like to start doing more custom orders and offering a full website.

ALBH: What does the word “Hippie” mean to you?

SO: Hippy to me is “happy” with a creative twist!

ALBH: Would you be willing to teach others?

SO: Yes! In fact, I recently taught one of my friends so we could bead together!

ALBH: How long does a typical piece take you to make?

SO: Anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. It all depends on how difficult the beads are to string.

ALBH: What’s your inspiration?

SO: Getting dressed is where I get inspiration – I want a necklace to go with every outfit!

ALBH: What do you do for fun, outside of your art?

SO: I like to be outdoors – camping, swimming, hiking, hanging by the pool, doing anything with friends, listening to music.

ALBH: Why do you think your art is a good fit for A Little Bit Hippy?

SO: Who doesn’t LOVE hemp necklaces? WEll these are even snazzier!