About Us

We offer a little bit of every thing in our family-friendly shop – we’ve got clothing, incense, gifts, jewelry, tapestries, artist features, and an awesome staff to help you every step of the way. We are ‘A little Bit Hippy’ and we offer ‘a little bit’ of everything!

Our History

‘A Little Bit Hippy’ was born in Roanoke, VA in 1999┬áby Denise Sweeney. It was started as one location, expanded to 4 stores at one time, and then back down to the originial shop – the one you are most familiar with at Towers Shopping Center. After almost 12 years in the shop, Denise wanted to move on to the next chapter of her life and decided to sell the shop.

Having looked around in downtown Roanoke for a place to start her own studio, Heidi Bundy happened upon the sales posting for ‘A Little Bit Hippy’ and knew right away that was her shop. Heidi wanted room for her own product as a jeweler and leather artisan and wanted room to teach the skills in a family friendly environment. After her first visit to A Little Bit Hippy, she knew that she had found the perfect opportunity.

June 1, 2011 was the first day of “The Next Generation” at A Little Bit Hippy and we hope you’ll join us on our journey of exploration, growth and becoming more involved in our community. We’ve got big plans and we can’t do it without you. Please know that we are thankful, excited and honored to be your source of everything “Hippie” . . . at least A Little Bit.

Our Policies

Returns & Exchanges

We don’t accept returns but we do allow you to make an exchange if you’re not absolutely in love with your purchase. The reasons for not accepting returns are too numerous to list, but we’d be awfully scary folks if we made you keep something that didn’t fit (although we strongly encourage you to use the Rabbit Hole while you’re here), or didn’t suit your fancy for some other reason. So long as the merchandise still has all the tags attached and is in like-new condition and you have your receipt, we’re happy to let you swap for something awesomer. Yep . . . that’s now a word. Only exceptions to this policy are hair feathers and wigs and hats . . . those can’t be returned or exchanged so make sure you love ’em before you leave.


Yes, we offer Layaway! We have nifty tags that we write all the info down on and you get a claim ticket. The rules for our Layaway programs are pretty easy: 20% down secures your layaway for 60 days. You can make payments over the 60 days or you just come in on day 60 and pay the balance . . . whatever suits you best. We’re not babysitters though. If your items are not picked up by the 60th day, they go back out on the floor.

Shop Experience

We’re all here to have a good time . . . and if we’re not then we’re doing it wrong. So tell us how you made out – we really do want to know! And we take the good with the bad . . . so please feel free to drop us a note, tell us in person, or fill out our fun survey (coming soon). We wouldn’t be here without YOU and we want to know what else we can do to keep you coming back. No comment is too small or big – we read them all.